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Giving Love brings us back into the flow of life. “

– Jacqueline Dischler


The biggest learning in my life so far has been how a great weakness can become a great strength. You can find my whole story, my background and the path of my professional development as well as the milestones of my yoga path here: 

My Yoga Style

My Yoga style is intense, energetic and at the same time gentle, soft and often very slow. Nature unfolds without hustle and bustle, very deliberately and almost delicately, and yet it always reaches its destination at the perfect time. This principle also underlies my yoga classes. 

Even though many yoga exercises look like acrobatics, it's not so much about achieving a visual goal or outward perfection. The thrill of challenging yoga exercises like the handstand is in the challenge of the path that lies outside your habitual comfort zone. Just like a mountain climber who feels strength and joy of life when he overcomes the obstacles of a mountain, a challenging yoga asana can also give us inner strength. We can learn that the initially impossible becomes possible with consistency and joy on the way! In this sense, we also learn that other hurdles in life are not a full blockade - we just need to move on continuously and steadily. 

Denn nicht der Gipfel selbst ist doch das  Ziel (Würde ein Bergsteiger dasselbe Gefühl empfinden, wenn er sich hinauf zum Gimpfel “beamen” würde? Wohl nicht). Nein es ist der Weg dorthin, von unten nach oben hinauf, der uns auf eine besondere Weise erfüllt. 

More important than the appearance is the introspection in every yoga practice. The aesthetics from within! Yes, you can feel a subtle aesthetic towards yourself. A flowing, a kind of floating in one's own body.That's what my classes are about. Das “mit-sich-selbst zur Melodie des eigenen Atems Tanzen”In this way we deepen the connection to ourselves and learn to listen to our inner voice. The voice of our intuition and wisdom certainly directs us to the right paths in life, even if they sometimes begin in the dark. If we listen to this voice, the core of our being will always turn towards the light, just like a little plant that finds its way from the dark soil to the light by unfolding exactly as it is.

This message infuses all my classes. Movement with joy, with depth. I tell little anecdotes that can inspire new thoughts and I give from my whole heart. Each class is filled with love and I am happy to welcome anyone who practices yoga with me. 

Namasté & see you soon

Feedback von Teilnehmern

Ich hatte leider nicht die Möglichkeit öfter teilzunehmen, aber jede Yogastunde war eine Bereicherung für Körper und Geist. Eine intensive Erfahrung. Jaqueline nimmt sich die Zeit, individuell auf jeden einzelnen einzugehen und gestaltet den Kurs überaus angenehm, intressant und mit viel Liebe. Einen besseren Yogalehrer/in kann man sich nicht wünschen:)

thumb Van Tamm

Sehr sehr angenehme Yogakurse. Absolut weiterzuempfehlen. Gut angeleitet und ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittener, jeder findet hier sein Level. Bin jetzt dann zum 3ten Mal dabei und sicher nicht das letzte Mal 🙂

thumb Kerstin Hasenkampf

habe beim yoga kurs über die VHS Cham teilgenommen - kreative, durchdachte und inspirierende stunden!! man merkt hier die leidenschaft die dahinter steckt 💫 freue mich November, wenn es wieder weiter geht🧘‍♀️

thumb Sofia Brandl

Professional activities

After graduating university with a degree in business law, I went straight into business for myself and since 2015 I have been freelancing mainly as a digital creative. Working location independently, I travel the world and work from everywhere I find wifi. Furthermore:

  • Digital Creative 
  • Head of Content & Marketing des Magazins “Oekona
  • First Yoga Teacher Training in 2017
  • Es folgten Fortbildungen in der Yoga Therapie, im Neurolinguistischen Programmieren (NLP Coaching) sowie eine englischsprachige Yogalehrerausbildung und Ausbildung im Coaching.

You can find the full story on my career path from lawyer to digital creative and yoga teacher here:

"A tree can only touch the sky when it is firmly rooted in the dark soil deep below. True strength comes from accepting the shadow of our vulnerability. Being deeply touched does not mean to be weak. It means to be connected. Those who are connected to everything without being attached, have their souls free." 

Jacqueline Dischler